Chapter two

Chapter two

The figure who fell to the ground was clad in black cloth from head to toe. Beneath his black robe he wore battle hardened plate armour, he had a powerful knighthood crossbow strapped to his back and a hand of knives and a long sword hanging from his belt. A black hood concealed his face so it was almost impossible to make him out in the dark and his face was completely invisible. With a sharp twist he wrenched his halberd out of the drake’s neck,
” My name is Failtor,” Failtor was young with pale skin and piercing blue eyes although most of his features were hidden behind his black hood.
“You must come with me quickly there are greater beasts than this chasing you.” He said urgently indicating the dragon at his feet,
“Ok, my name is Seckrim”
“I know”said Failtor.

And without another word he gave a low whistle which called jet black armoured horse to his side, he climbed on to the horse’s back. Then he turned to Seckrim and said, “this is Albered please climb up” Seckrim climbed up behind Failtor and they set off.

Seckrim was surprised at the speed the little horse could run at, he had barely climbed on when Albered bolted off into he trees. They had been riding for about half a hour when Failtor stopped Albered suddenly. Seckrim opened his mouth to question Failtor but he clamped a finger on his lips for silence.

Failtor was never moving his eyes from the path ahead of them just as he adjusted his own eyes to the same spot a low menacing growl broke through the trees. And a black snarler sprang onto the path, snarlers were an extremely savage type of big cat, they had sleek black coats, long claws and fangs, and this one was taking a very long time studying its prey.

Seckrim looked anxiously at Failtor to see what he would do, very slowly Failtor casually he unhooked his crossbow from his back and aimed it at the snarler. Failtor was about to let loose his bolt when the snarler struck leaping easily on to Alberd’s head and slashing at Failtor’s face.

Seckrim quickly drew a long- bladed knife from his belt plunged the blade deep into the snarler’s head. The snarler jumped off Albered and started scrabbling around on the floor in pain For a few seconds before Failtor’s bolt emptied the contents of its stomach on to the forest floor. ” Good job” said Failtor retrieving Seckrim’s knife from the snarler’s head.

He wiped the blade on the ground and handed the knife back to him. “We must hurry we must be out of the woods before sundown” said Failtor
“or what ” said Seckrim worriedly. Failtor looked at Seckrim seriously “we will be raw meat for the night predators.”

6 thoughts on “Chapter two

  1. Crikey, I was there in the woods with Seckrim! I saw it all happen at the village! Then I had nightmares about snarlers and drakes last night. I wasn’t brave enough to face them though 😦

    I need to know what happens next – did Seckrim’s mother and friends get out OK? How did Failtor know Seckrim’s name? Can they release the land from the grip of the forces of chaos?

  2. This is far too scarey for me. I only like happy stories with good people who are alway being kind to each other. But I guess that doesn’t make exciting readng, and it certainly is exciting. Please tell me there will be a happy ending??

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